Experience tells us that the interest for this genre is nothing but great. People who didn’t know they’ve had a passion for folk music has been struck to the ground by Skrömta – time after time. Skrömta proudly claims to be a natural part the new era of the music from the north and faces the heritage of their powerful ancestors: Hedningarna, Garmarna, Hoven Droven, Väsen – who wrote a new chapter in the Swedish music history. This chapter is to be continued. Skrömta works seriously on re-conquering this field, which most definetely has to be broadened and expanded.

The music of Skrömta reminds of this, distinguished by it’s almost magical energy and honour to the tradion, but with a liberating lack of respect to up-nosed dogmaticians and narrow-minded folk music experts. Still you might find it very
delicate and beautiful. It’s all about squeezing the cream out of Nordic folk music, with its immense power and complexity. In Skrömta you’ll find a childish innocence but you also encounter Gamkärn’ – the old man, referred to as the devil himself.

You’ll confront the medieval era and the pest, you’ll bump into the scent of smoked ham, palliative and ”snus”. You’ll hear tales, the annoying fizzle of knee tufts and a slight fraction of profane oathes. Here you’ll find that self-distance you’d seldom find elsewhere on the folk music arena.

Skrömta invites you for an enigmatic dance wich leads you out on the ghost path. You’ll travel from reality to fantasy, from grief to euphoria. You’ll jump from grace to barbarity and eventually you’ll land upon your grandmothers coffee table.

Hardly anyone have left a Skrömta concert without a smile on her lips and without the pleading from legs who still wants to dance.


Ingenting kan stoppa folkmusik.

Erfareheten säger oss att intresset för denna genre är överraskande stort. Människor som inte visste att de hade en passion för folkmusik har blivit golvade av Skrömta – gång efter gång. Skrömta proklamerar stolt att de vill vara en självskriven del av den nya eran av nordisk folkmusik och är beredda på att förvalta arvet efter deras mäktiga förfäder: Hedningarna, Garmarna, Hoven Droven, Väsen – som skrev ett kapitel in den skandinaviska musikhistorien. Fortsättning följer på detta kapitel. Skrömta arbetar seriöst med att återerövra denna genre, som absolut måste breddas och expanderas.

Skrömtas musik påminner om dessa, distingerad av sin närmast magiska energi på scen och hedrar traditionen, men med en befriande brist på respekt inför uppnästa dogmatiker eller en trångsynt expertis. Du löper risken att uppleva att Skrömtas musik kan vara synnerligen skir och vacker. Det hela handlar om att mjölka grädden ur den nordiska folkmusiken. I Skrömta finner du en barnslig oskuld men du kan lika gärna stöta på “Gamkärn’ – eller djävulen själv, i egen hög person.




Viru Folk – Estonia. Headline perfomance on mainstage
audience approx. 5000

“…The audience was completely overheated by the swedish group Skrömta. You rarely encounter such strong feelings between the audience and the artist. The fans howled but Skrömta just threw more oil on the fire and forced the crowd to the edge and was by the end of the show exhausted but, for shure, satisfied – and the publicum really digged in and enjoyed the energy from the stage.”

Eesti Päevahlet – Estonian Times


Historical Festival

” Hej! Saw your show at the “Wikingerfest” in Norddeich. It was great to experience the energy, feeling and enthusiasm you put into your music. Also bought the CD, which helped to conserve some of the “Grejhojta-Feeling” you gave to me for everyday-life. Hope to see (and hear!) you once again.”

Best wishes from Germany,